Once Upon A (Coe)Tail…

I can’t believe that the final course has finally dawned, and to be honest…I’m excited! This COETAIL project gives me the opportunity to not only assess my own growth, but that of my students, and witness the advancement of my own curriculum. I probably never would have integrated an assignment such as this into my classroom had it not been for this course, which has given me the confidence to apply new techniques, and push both my students and myself, enabling greater achievements.  IMG_1973

The students “All About” book project is underway and I could not be more impressed with the caliber of work each child has submitted.  Seeing them use the apps I have assigned, with such ease and comfortability, made me proud and assured that their skills are beyond what is required for them to easily adapt to 1-on-1 iPad usage. I can rest easy knowing that my students will transition into the next grade without any obstacles (phew!).

IMG_7956 It hasn’t all been rainbows and butterflies though; every new project, and introduction of a new application into the curriculum, has its set of complications – especially when dealing with 6 year olds (and fighting the rapidly decreasing attention spans of society!). Firstly, I only have access to 5 iPads for my 22 students, so even though I thoroughly taught the students how to use the app, only 5 of them could utilize the software in one lesson. This required a significant amount of re-teaching and modeling. I have found a way to circumvent this problem however (look at Coetails already changing my approach) and developed what has proved to be a very effective checklist (sample below) which allowed me to effectively continue to teach the remaining 17 students, while each set of 5 used the iPads and checklist, which helped guide them, if I was unable to attend to them immediately. The students so far have picked up the app like pros (which has been both a proud and scary moment, as it took me at least twice as long to become half as accustomed to them).  Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at 9.15.56 AM

I don’t want to give away too much information just yet….have to make sure I whet your appetites to come back and read the results (think of an “and the Oscar goes to…moment). Needless to say, I feel pretty confident and am very excited to share my final thoughts and the outcomes of this project. Stay tuned folks!


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