The End…

I honestly cannot believe that this is the final project for COETAIL! I did it! I am very excited to be sharing with you my final project for course 5. Looking back at this course, I thought I would never be able to complete it and creating a 10 minute video seemed impossible. I can finally say that I am extremely proud of myself for accomplishing this project! Seriously, feeling really proud!

I started my project by using my UBD planner on a google doc. It helped me organize all my thoughts and work through the project week by week. It was also nice to be able to share my project with my team in an easy to follow format.

I needed a tool to help me support my students, so I created a checklist for my students to use, to help them stay on track and remember the steps. This was great! It worked really well and my students were able to work independently using the checklists. I highly recommend checklists to be used during tech activities.

Screen Shot 2017-04-23 at 1.40.17 PM

I introduced this project bit by bit to my students. Each week matched the teaching points that I was teaching to the class. This helped me teach students new skills and I was able to assess them easily. If I could change something in this project, I would probably want more time. The 3 week frame worked, but an extra week would have helped. Another issue I faced, is having 5 iPads in the class for 22 students. Having 5 iPads in the class made it a bit difficult because each week’s assignment would be taught the start of the week, and then I had to reteach it everyday to remind my students what they had to do. This is where the checklists helped because I was able to focus on all learners in my class.

I loved working on this project with my students. It was fun, it was something new and different for them to try out. My students started looking forward to Reading class and wanted to get started on their assignments on that day. It was really exciting to see how well my students understood their tasks, and how well they were doing each week. I was surprised by their tech skills and how well they understood the assignments. My students worked independently, they stayed on task, and their final products were amazing. I could not be happier!

Here it is!


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2 Responses to The End…

  1. Chrissy H says:

    You most definitely should be proud not only of your students but also of yourself. You have shown growth in both your thinking and your risk-taking since the beginning of this program and I am extremely proud to have been a part of your learning journey Dema.
    Those little voices in your final project video are super-cute! More importantly they are showing the world that G1’s are more than capable to using technology in meaningful, authentic and purposeful ways to share their learning!
    Awesome work and well done to you all!

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